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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

50 Crochet Blocks In A Box!

I soooooo happy when I got this fabulous box of blocks! Like playing with an oversized deck of flash cards, Crochet Blocks In A Box, by Luise Roberts.will fill a rainy Saturday afternoon with lots of fun. Printed on a heavy, plastic coated cardstock, the front of each card has a high resolution close-up of the block and the reverse side has the instructions plus variations if applicable. Also included in the box is a small digest subtitled 50 Great Designs At Your Fingertips. Lots of useful information in this booklet on how to put blocks together, stitches, colorwheel, sources and plenty more info. You'll find filet, embellished, tapestry, units, textured, sampler, and lots more that will interest you. Make sure you ask Santa for it.

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