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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A new color in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn---ZEBRA!!!!

When Red Heart’s newest color, Zebra, a white, gray, black colorway, arrived in the mail the other day, the first thing I did was to grab my vintage U.S.A. made Susan Bates Silvalume H/5.00mm hook and get cracking on these swatches. For clarity, each is numbered.

For #1, I chained 17, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each rem ch. I got 16 scs. I chained 1, and turned; then worked even for 7 more rows. The pattern that emerged was stripes with blocks of color.
Now I did # 5 with a double crochet stitch that was worked back and forth, like the first one. The patterning had blocks of color with very few stripes.

#4 is a basic granny square. I worked 3 rounds and the colors lined up like a windmill. For #3, I worked a circle of double crochets, round 1 had 10 sts, round 2 had 20 sts and round 3 had 30 sts. The colors blended fluidly.

My favorite however is #2, a tight circle of sc stitches, worked without joining. The spiral shape that the colors produce has a mesmerizing look.

This is a good “boys” color too. Pair this color with red, black, gray or white, and you’ll have a nice, neutral color pallet.

I predict Zebra will be flying off the shelves.

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