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Monday, September 24, 2007

Vestivus. The vest for the rest of us!

Just in time the cooler fall weather, this vest can easily be completed in a week-end. Work it in a longer length and you'll have a slimming topper to wear over you skirts or jeans.


MATERIALS: Red Heart Super Saver knitting worsted weight (#4) in 7 oz. solid color or 5.oz multi

Small and Medium Sizes 2 skeins in your choice of color

Large size 3 skeins.

Hook sizes J/5.5mm and K/6.00mm

Size worked is small. To change size, work the medium with first numbers in parenthesis and large with second numbers in parenthesis.

INSTRUCTIONS: With K hook, ch 145 (169-193).

Switch to J hook. Dc in the 6th chain from hook (counts as a dc and ch-2) *ch 2, skip 2 chains, dc in the next ch,* repeat between the *’s across row.

46(54-62) mesh spaces.

Row 2: Ch 3, turn, work * 2 dc under ch-2 of row below, ch 1* repeat between the *’s across row. Ch 4 (turn).

Row 3: Dc under ch-1 of row below, * ch 2, dc under ch-1 of row below,* repeat between the *’s across row.

Repeat rows 2 & 3 for pattern. Work even until entire length measures 14 (14-14) inches, or desired length to underarm.

FIRST FRONT: Work across 10 (13-15) patterns, working one front at a time. Decrease 1 mesh at front edge every other row 6 (7-7)times. Work even until there are 13 (15-15) rows. Fasten off.

BACK: Omit 4 (4-5) patterns. Then work on 18(20-22) patterns. Work even for 13 (15-15) rows. Fasten off.

SECOND FRONT: Omit 4 (4-5) patterns. Work matching the same as First Front.

FINISHING: Sew shoulder, with right side of work facing you, and at underarm seam.

BORDER: Work one row sc as follows:

2 sc under ch-2 and sc in dc at front bottom, work 4 sc in corner stitch then work 2 sc in each mesh.

Make sure to keep work flat. Work to armhole (beginning of shaping) work 2 sc in corner stitch and work even all around the neck, other side and lower edge, sl st to beginning of row and work another row of sc and fasten off.

ARMHOLE: Work same as border holding in to fit armhole.

TIE: With doubled yarn, making a chain approximately 20 inches. Attach at point where you want to tie you vest closed See picture for detail.

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