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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Curtains!

Here is a set of cafe curtains for your kitchen. The pattern is simple enough and the fancy trim is added on after the fabric is crocheted.
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7 balls of Main Color

1 ball of each of 3 Contrast Colors for the trim

CC1, CC2, CC3

Steel Crochet Hook No. 7

24 Metal Rings, 1" in diameter

GAUGE; 5 spaces = 2 inches 5 rows = 2 inches


Starting at bottom with Main Color, make a ch 60 inches long.

ROW 1: Tr in 11th ch from hook, * ch 3, skip 3 ch, tr in next ch. Repeat from * across until there are 93 sps on row. Cut off remaining chain. Ch 7, turn.

Don't be afraid to cut off the remaining chain, Just leave a few chains. It won't unravel because you are cutting off from the end. The thread will just knot back onto itself.

ROW 2; Skip first tr, * tr in next tr, ch 3. Re­peat from * across, ending with ch 3, skip 3 ch of last sp, tr in next ch. Ch 7, turn.

REPEAT ROW 2 until piece measures 20 inches. Break Off.

POINTS - First Point...

ROW 1: Attach Main Color to first st on opposite side of starting chain, ch 5, (tr in base of next tr, ch 3) 3 times; tr in base of next tr, d tr in base of next tr. Ch 5, turn.

ROW 2; Skip d tr and next tr, tr in next tr, ch 3, tr in next tr, d tr in top of turning chain. Ch 10, turn; skip next sp, sl st in top of turning chain. Break Off.

Skip 3 sps on curtain, attach thread at base of next tr and make another point the same way. Continue in this manner until all points have been completed.


ROW 1; Attach CC1 to first sp on opposite end of curtain, in each sp across make 2 sc, ch 4, and 2 sc. Break Off.

Skip 1 row. Attach CC2 to first sp on next row and work in pattern across. Continue to work in pattern, making 1 row of CC3 and 1 row of CC1, leaving 1 row free between.

Sew a ring to each point.

Make another curtain the same way.

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