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Friday, February 22, 2008

I Love My Husky Crochet Graph or Chart

For my next graph, I present to you the strikingly beautiful, Siberian Husky.
With it's striking masks or spectacles, and other facial markings, they tend to have a wolf-like appearance. The eyes are blue, brown or "bi-eyed" with one blue iris and the brown. The tail is shaped like a sickle. Though the breed is not related to the wolf any more closely than any other breed of dog, it is thought they maintained this appearance through isolated breeding in Siberia. They make good pets,though they are high energy and need plenty of exercise. They are not used as guard dogs because of their gentle spirit.

I got this request from one of my friends at Crochetville and was really happy to design it because the Husky is a dog I gravitate to when ever I see one in the park. The chart size is 110 squares x 110 squares. Use an H hook with your favorite worsted weight yarn. Single crochet it for a square piece or use double crochet or even better, extended double crochet stitches for an adghan sized piece.For all things Siberian Husky--->>>CLICK HERE!

My patterns, charts and graphs belong under my copyright. They are for personal use only. The actual pattern and made items may never be sold, or used for profit. If you see any illegal use, please contact me . In appreciation, I will have a reward for you.

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