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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Love My Corgi Crochet Chart or Graph!

My lawyer has 2 Corgis in her office, Emmet and his son, Fitzpatrick. They like climbing up on her conference desk and are generally a very comical duo. The short little legs fascinate me!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a long, low dog with large erect ears, a broad flat skull and a fox-like head. The tail is almost non-existent. Although there is a variety called the Cardigan that has a long tail.

The breed is hardy, highly intelligent, obedient, protective and devoted. Corgis are usually good with considerate children. They make fine guards, and excellent show and obedience dogs.
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One of my friends over at Crochetville asked me to make a graph of her Corgi. This is my take on it.The graph is 100 squares wide x 90 squares high. Use Red Heart Super Saver or Caron Pounder with an H hook. If you use the single crochet stitch, you'll get a squarish piece. The double crochet or extended double crochet stitch will yield an afghan sized blanket.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the chart, but please respect my copyright. I retain all my rights. The graph is for your own personal use and may never be sold nor may any item made with it be sold. You may not profit from my work.

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